To manage students in a group, first you need to ensure your unit has group sets setup. A group set is a definition of the types of groups you can have in a unit. To setup a group set:

  1. Log in to Doubtfire.

  2. Select Manage Units from the Administration dropdown:

    Manage Units

  3. Select the unit you wish to administer.

  4. Select the group tab.

    Manage Groups

  5. Select New Group Set.

    You will now see a new group created in the Group Set list, select the edit button to edit the following options:

    • Name: The name of the group set, by default this is "Group Work"
    • Create Groups: Who has permissions to create new groups in the group set, staff, or staff and students.
    • Manage Groups: Who has permissions to manage groups in the group set, staff, or staff and students.
    • Restrict to Tutorials: if true, only students from the same tutorial can be in a group.
  6. Select save then select the group set in the group sets list to view more information:

    • Create a group of students in the group set, by typing a group name, and selecting Create Group:

    Create Group

    • Add students to the group by typing the student name:

    Adding Students to Group

    You can also export and import CSV files for batch group allocation. To view the correct format of the CSV file for import, you can export the CSV by selecting Download CSV.