User accounts in Doubtfire include both students and staff accounts, and there are two ways to create user accounts -- manually and batch.

Editing an Existing User

Log in to Doubtfire and select Manage Users from the Administration dropdown in the top right menu:

Manage Users

To edit an existing user, select the user in the list, and this will open the edit user modal.

Edit User

From this menu, you can edit the following fields:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Avatar
  • System Role (Student | Tutor | Convenor/Unit Chair | Administrator).

Creating a New User

From the Manage Users page, click the Add New User button on the bottom right to open the Create User modal. This is identical to the edit user modal previously discussed, however you can also set the username of the account:

Create User

Note: Setting a username is permanent, and can not be changed.

Batch Import/Export Users

Users can be batch imported and exported by using a CSV file. To find the format of the CSV to be uploaded, you can click the download button in the users export panel to view the format, even if there are no users enrolled.

Batch User Creation