There are a few options for administering students in units:

  1. Batch enroll or withdraw students
  2. manually enroll or withdraw a student
  3. View and change student class allocations
  4. View student page

All of these actions take place in the student tab of the unit administration page

After logging into Doubtfire, select the "Administer Units" section

Administer units

And select the unit you are administering:

Select units

Finally, select the student tab:

View students

From the students page, you can perform the various student administration tasks.

Batch Enroll/Withdraw

The batch enrollment section is located on the right hand side of the page. You can batch enroll students by dropping a CSV file with the student details. To view the format of the CSV required, simply download the current student enrollment (even if there are no enrolled students), to view the format and fields required.

  1. Select the blue Batch Enroll or red Batch Withdraw button in the batch upload panel
  2. Simply drag and drop the batch CSV, or select the dotted upload block to open a file navigator.
  3. After processing, Doubtfire will alert you to any incorrect fields/errors.

Manually Enroll

To manually enroll a student, select the green Enroll Student button on the bottom right-hand side of the page, and simply enter the student ID and tutorial code.

Manually enrol

Note: The student account must already be created in Doubtfire, you can ensure this by asking the student to log in once.

Note: If the Tutorial Code is left blank (if not yet known), the student will still be enrolled, however no tutorial will be assigned.

Manually Withdraw

To withdraw a student from the unit in Doubtfire, simply click the green tick box in the "Enrolled" column for the appropriate student:

View students

View or Change Student Allocation

The student class/tutorial allocation is listed in the "tutorial" column, with a dropdown box highlighting the currently assigned tutorial code. For example, in the image above, student_23 is enrolled in LA1-01 (Lab 1).

To change this allocation, simply select the dropdown box and change the tutorial to one of the options presented:

Change class

View student page

Any other actions to be performed on an individual student are accessible from that student's individual profile page. This is accessible by clicking the blue link in the username column.