AdministratorSomeone who has permissions within Doubtfire to create and manage the Doubtfire system. May or many not be a member of teaching staff.
Unit Chair/ConvenorThe teaching staff member primarily involved with running a unit.
TutorialA group of students within a unit grouped by time and location. Campus tutorials have a room number, cloud tutorials may not.
UnitThe subject or unit of study, for example: Introduction to Philosophy.
TaskAn individual piece of work a student may be asked to complete in a unit.
Learning OutcomesThe academic outcomes which students will achieve at the completion of a unit.
Task AlignmentHow closely a given task is associated with each of the learning outcomes.
Task Status/Task GradeOne of the possible task statuses a task can be on:
  • Fail: Not successfully met the requirements of the task.
  • Feedback Exceeded: Task has been submitted too many times, with the teaching staff concluding that the student is not heeding feedback.
  • Redo: The task has been assessed to be of low quality, or inappropriate, and should be restarted.
  • Fix and Resubmit: The task is on the right track, but needs to be improved or fixed.
  • Discuss: The tutor is happy with the submission, and would like to discuss the task with the student.
  • Demonstrate: The tutor is happy with the submission, and would like the student to demonstrate the work.
  • Complete:The tutor is happy with the submission, and it is ready for inclusion in the portfolio.
PortfolioA collection of student tasks (submissions) throughout a unit, which provides evidence of student learning. Student and tutor comments are included in the final document, and it is this document which is used to assess a final grade for the student.
Target GradeThe grade which a student is aiming for, which dictates the sequence of tasks which should be completed in the unit. One of: Pass, Credit, Distinction, High Distinction.
Task InboxThe list of tasks which have been submitted by students, for assessment and feedback from the student's tutor.
Task DefinitionAn assignment-like document which details what is expected and required of students for satisfactory completion.
PlagiarismIn Doubtfire, plagiarism refers to a report containing information about a possible case of student plagiarism.
GravatarThe system which provides profile-photo support in Doubtfire.
Student GroupsGroups of students either within a tutorial or a unit, which allows submission of group work, rather than individual task submissions.